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Technology / 7 days ago
White House Seeks Help From Public for AI Risks, Tech Support & Unwanted Pop-up Ads
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The White House seeks public comments on the risks of artificial intelligence, prompting both valuable contributions and skepticism from critics.
Breaking News! The White House Leaves AI Safety to Internet Commenters Washington D.C. - In an unprecedented move hailed as a landmark in public engagement, the White House officially requested public comments on potential risks associated with artificial intelligence (AI). Citizens with expertise ranging from social media influencers to armchair scientists are encouraged to contribute their thoughts and ideas on what could go wrong and how to fix it. With this innovative, utterly foolproof initiative, the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) aspires to gather valuable insight from laymen who, truth be told, are the real experts on AI. In a press conference, John Q. Bureaucrat, Assistant Deputy Secretary of the OSTP, praised the move, saying, "Finally, we're harnessing the wisdom of the masses to set an informed and cautionary AI policy." Responding swiftly to the government's call, pop-up ads and unsolicited tech support schemes have flooded the OSTP website, promising everything from AI-proof headphones to top-of-the-line tinfoil hats. These infomercials are expected to serve as a wealth of cutting-edge information on AI technology threats and solutions. There have already been many valuable contributions, such as protecting society from kitchen appliances gaining sentience and demanding coffee breaks, to suggestions for incorporating popular streamers' personalities into artificial intelligence to make them more relatable. Public opinion is truly at the heart of this ambitious project. However, not everyone is thrilled about this new direction in public engagement. Critics, mostly comprised of so-called "experts," question the validity of opening up the floor to just anyone with an opinion on AI risks. But government officials vehemently disagree, stating, "Those ivory tower eggheads are just jealous that the floor is open to people who really know what's up and have #nofilter." It remains to be seen whether posting AI policy concerns on public forums will lead to any fruitful regulations, but if all those chain letter emails warning us about 5G altering our DNA haven't lied to us yet, surely this fresh perspective from the general public will usher in a new era of AI policy. Goodbye, outdated think-tanks and academic circles; hello, YouTube comments and Twitter threads. What could possibly go wrong?
posted 7 days ago

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