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World / 3 months ago
Vietnam Minister Spotted in Rare Occurrence: Actually Endorsing Something!
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Defying expectations, Vietnam's picky Minister surprises nation with rare endorsement, igniting hope for new initiatives.
In a climactic event which has raised eyebrows and even heart rates across the nation, the notoriously picky Minister of Vietnam, Phuc Vu Duc, has actually endorsed something. In a momentous act that has left the media and the general public flabbergasted, Mr. Duc, known for his hypercritical nature, has actually given his stamp of approval - a move that comes approximately around the same frequency as a total eclipse of the sun. Our unflappable Minister, known for his penchant for playing hard to get with every proposition falling under his purview, defied expectations by lending his support to a new eco-friendly initiative aiming to reduce plastic usage across major Vietnamese cities. Relevant insiders are still trying to recuperate from the shock-induced hyperventilation. "I've never seen anything like it," gasped one stunned aide, clutching his heart. "You could knock me over with a feather, really!" Known for his meticulously high standards and an aura of impenetrability, Minister Duc’s approval has traditionally been harder to get than a perfect selfie in poor lighting. It is a well-known fact that throughout his illustrious career leading the nation, Mr. Duc has often chosen exhibits of aversion over admiration, the latter being as rare as unicorn sightings in Vietnam. However, earlier this week, in an awe-inspiring event, enough to become a national holiday honestly, the Minister, with his proverbial poker face, vocalized his support for Project Green Leaf, aimed at reducing Vietnam's carbon footprint. "It is… satisfactory," were his exact words, which, coming from Mr. Duc, translates to overwhelming joy and full-hearted endorsement. "We are honestly over the moon," a member of Project Green Leaf confessed. "The Minister's approval has given us not only encouragement, but validation for our efforts." The news of Mr. Duc’s endorsement has ignited fireworks of hope across all ministerial departments because now they believe in miracles, in aliens, in the impossible slowly morphing into possible. "We’ve started taking bets on what he might endorse next," a ministry staff member shared, with an equal mix of amusement and bewilderment. "Who knows, he might even approve that long-pending request for a coffee machine in the lounge by the end of this year." While we all wait for the Minister’s next ‘favorable’ move with bated breath, one cannot deny that his rare endorsement has given a new hope to propositions and initiatives nationwide. After all, if our hard-to-please Minister can actually endorse something, then surely, the sky must be the limit!
posted 3 months ago

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