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Politics / 7 months ago
Trump to Swap the Golf Course for the Courtroom: The Art of the Deal Meets the Art of the Trial
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Trump's return to his hometown sees him swapping the golf course for the courtroom as he faces a $250 million civil fraud lawsuit. Will his mastery of the 'Art of the Deal' translate into success in the 'Art of the Trial'? Find out the high-stakes outcome that awaits.
In a sudden twist of fate, Donald Trump, the man better known for swapping politics for the golf course, is returning to his hometown - but this time it’s not to admire the New York skyline from atop his golden tower, it's to figuratively sink - or float - in the murky waters of a Manhattan federal courthouse. Swapping his golf clubs for a courtroom suit, Trump's signature undulating coiffure will grace the halls of the courthouse where he will try and prove his innocence in an alleged $250 million civil fraud lawsuit. The adaptable businessman turned reality TV star turned president, will now attempt to turn legal defendant into his newest role. Bringing the lawsuit forward is the fearless New York attorney general, Letitia James, who is keen on subtracting a significant amount from Trump’s reputed wealth. James has been relentless in her pursuit of justice, ensuring that all ten culpable Trump organizations and Trump's loyal progeny don’t go unnoticed. On the day when most Americans stay glued to the television, anxiously anticipating the country’s fate, Trump, like the contrarian he traditionally is, will be away from the televised echo-chamber of political punditry, standing before a judge in lieu of a voting booth on this Election Day. In the meantime, Trump's supporters are expected to rally outside where they eagerly await any nugget, splash, or dribble of information that will either bolster their conviction that this is another 'witch hunt,' or confirm their fear of the possibility that Trump has indeed engaged in some financially wobbly doings. However, grounding this spectacle into reality, a potentially major development in the courtroom is due. If Trump's poetic odes to 'the art of the deal' prove less convincing before a judge than they did before a reality TV audience or an electorate, then the deal that Trump might be seeking on conclusion of his court case could result in less gold and more prison gray in his future. As always, however the tides roll - in favor or against him - Trump is expected to come out swinging, embodying a new meaning to 'no such thing as bad publicity.' Today might be the Election Day for many, but it is indisputably Trump's courtroom day in Manhattan. The 'Art of the Deal' meets the 'Art of the Trial'. The stakes are high, the courtroom is ready, and Trump – as he always likes to remind us – 'doesn't settle.' Watch this space. Will he manage to secure another deal under his belt? Only time will tell.
posted 7 months ago

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