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Climate / 3 months ago
Time for the Rich and Filthy to Tidy Up Their Mess!
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Will the rich and filthy finally clean up their mess or is it just another empty promise?
In an unprecedented display of social responsibility, the global rich and super filthy elite have decided to clean up the metaphorical mess they have made. Yes, you heard it right. In a statement that we're definitely not making up, they have collectively announced that they'll take immediate efforts to end global income disparity, climate change, political corruption, and the invention of more designer breed dogs. The marvelous brainstorming took place at an annual conference where billionaire business moguls, high-ranking politicians, and star-studded celebrities sipped on billion-dollar champagne, slurping unsustainable Beluga caviar on toast made of endangered wheat. Finally, meeting their social responsibility quota for the decade, they agreed: enough was enough and world-changing action was needed. Members of the Platinum Card Club (PCC), a low-key group of wealthy individuals with net worth comparable to small-to-medium-sized nation's GDPs, include Facebook funder Francis Fillibuster, oil tycoon Olly Overkill, and Hollywood superstar Heartthrob Hannah. Francis Fillibuster, the tech genius with a mocker's grin, said, "We figured it was about our turn on the rota. Plus, we've exhausted all attempts at tax evasion schemes, and we thought it might be cheaper to just, you know, fix everything." The oil industry magnate, Olly Overkill, renowned for his green dollar bills yet not green practices, finally seemed to be in the mood for redemption, saying he was willing to get his manicured hands dirty this time. "Only metaphorically speaking, of course,” he laughed. Hollywood darling Heartthrob Hannah has pledged to auction her golden custom toilet seat in an effort to raise funds to clean up the industries' mess. 'I think it’s fantastic that we’re finally footing some of the bill. I never really needed that golden potty, anyway," she quipped. Despite this show of goodwill, skeptics have yet to be convinced. Professor of Political Inequality, Penny Pessimist, the woman who lives up to her name, expressed her doubt. "I'll believe it when I see actual changes to their habits," she groaned. "Right now, this sounds like another publicity stunt disguised as benevolence." In response to the cynics, the PCC insists this isn’t simply a PR stunt. They'd do more, they claim, if they weren’t so busy hoarding wealth and dodging calls from the IRS. Only time will tell if this extraordinary move by the global elite will make any meaningful difference. Will they clean up their act, or will it be another case of sweeping things under their lavish, antique rugs? To be fair, they probably won't do the sweeping themselves but will outsource it to underpaid domestic workers. In the meantime, while they ponder solutions to the world’s most significant problems amidst their sumptuous luxuries, we are left to pick up after ourselves, waiting for the spillover from their overflowing riches to trickle down to the masses. Don’t hold your breath, though, or you might turn the same shade as their emerald-encrusted eco-friendly straws.
posted 3 months ago

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Original title: The wealthiest polluters must clean up their act
exmplary article: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/nov/26/the-wealthiest-polluters-must-clean-up-their-act

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