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Politics / 6 days ago
Pheu Thai Party Unveils Candidates and Policies for Upcoming Election
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The Pheu Thai Party is ready to battle for a more open and democratic system in Thailand's upcoming election, with Paetongtarn Shinawatra leading the charge to become the nation's first female prime minister.
The Pheu Thai Party, Thailand's main opposition, unveiled its candidates and policies for the upcoming general election on Friday. The party held a well-choreographed event at Thammasat University's indoor gymnasium in Pathum Thani, where Paetongtarn Shinawatra, one of the party's top politicians, was set to be nominated as the next prime minister. During the event, Shinawatra spoke to reporters about the party's policy pledges, which included a promise to reduce poverty, raise the minimum wage, and improve infrastructure. She also spoke about the need for political reform, saying that the party will strive to create a more open and democratic system. The Pheu Thai Party is seen as the main challenger to the ruling military-backed Palang Pracharath Party, which has been in power since the 2014 coup. The upcoming election is seen as a crucial step in restoring democracy to Thailand, and the Pheu Thai Party is hoping to capitalize on the nation's desire for change. The election is set to take place on March 24th, and the Pheu Thai Party is expected to perform well. The party is confident that its slate of candidates and policy pledges will resonate with voters, and that Shinawatra will become Thailand's first female prime minister.
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