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Climate / 6 months ago
Penguin Poop from Outer Space Reveals Undiscovered Antarctic Empires!
image by stable-diffusion
Penguinologists from around the globe have converged at an international meeting held in Liechtenstein, of all places, to reveal shocking findings from an unexpected source: penguin excrement as seen from space. They claim the copious amount of fecal matter points to vast, previously unknown colonies of the charismatic Antarctic species, potentially overturning everything we thought we knew about power structures in these chilly climes. "Either there are legions of undiscovered creatures stealthily hiding amongst the endemic wildlife down south, or we're dealing with the cause-effect paradox of a global nutritional upsurge among the tuxedoed populace," stated Dr. Ima Flippabird, esteemed Professor of Avian Haberdashery at East Waddleworth University. It seems this esteemed collective of scientists has identified what they believe to be extensive guano deposits from high resolution satellite imagery. The inordinate amount of droppings suggests the existence of undiscovered, flourishing penguin empires that are striking back at the human invasion of their icy kingdom with the only weapon they have in their arsenal: very targeted, very copious, poop. An unnamed source from NASA, preferring to be identified only as "Buzz", confirmed these poopy revelations, seemingly validating the so-called "guano conspiracy". Satellite imagery and thermal censors support the allegations of colossal amounts of defecation or, as some prankster scientist scrawled on the research center’s white board, a veritable "poop’nado". When approached for his take on the matter, Professor of Computational Ornithobservermetrics at Miskatonic University, Dr. Chick McWaddle, expressed skepticism. "This is just another example of ivory tower intellectuals inflating their research budgets. Space poo, indeed! Next they'll be telling us flatulent cows are responsible for global warming," Dr. McWaddle scoffed. However, he may be eating his words (metaphorically), as samples of the offending Antarctic material are currently en route to the prestigious International Droppings Examination Center headquartered in Vienna. They will undergo comprehensive testing to verify their origin. If the tests indeed confirm the existence of these covert colonies, this will be a serious game-changer. Penguins, tired of their depiction as cute, cuddly characters in children’s movies, may finally be exposed for what they truly are: highly sophisticated, possibly extraterrestrial, creatures who have orchestrated a pristine, highly organized society beneath the ever-watchful eyes of man. The implications are mind-boggling, if not mildly alarming. The 'Gentleman of the South', the 'Ice-rink Jesters', the Penguins are staging their resistance, one poop at a time. The Antarctic sovereignty battle has officially escalated to an inter-galactic poop-throwing contest, and the smell of victory, for these feathered friends, seems to be festering in the frosty air. Stay tuned for the incredible revelations to follow as we boldly enter into the era of space poop.
posted 6 months ago

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Original title: New emperor penguin colonies discovered in Antarctica after guano spotted from space
exmplary article: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2024/jan/25/emperor-penguins-antarctica-new-colonies-guano-space

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