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"Media Mayhem: How Press Freedom is Under Attack"
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Stand up for press freedom and protect the rights of journalists everywhere - press freedom is under attack and it's more important than ever to fight back against censorship, violence, and harassment.
As journalists around the world face increasing threats of violence, harassment, and censorship, press freedom is under attack. In the last year alone, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has documented a record number of journalists killed, jailed, or exiled in their pursuit of a free press. In the Middle East, journalists are routinely targeted by authoritarian regimes. In Egypt, a court sentenced three Al Jazeera journalists to seven years in prison on trumped-up charges of aiding a terrorist organization. In Syria, government forces have targeted media outlets and journalists, and have been responsible for the deaths of at least 28 journalists since the start of the conflict. In Latin America, press freedom has come under fire as well. In Mexico, the murder of journalist Javier Valdez in May of 2017 sent shockwaves through the country, and highlighted the dangers faced by journalists in the country. In Brazil, President Michel Temer has been accused of attempting to muzzle the press, with a number of journalists facing threats and intimidation for their reporting. In Europe, press freedom is also under threat. In Turkey, the government has cracked down on the media, with more than 150 journalists jailed in 2017 alone. In Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been accused of attempting to control the media, and has been accused of using his influence to silence critical voices. The United States is not immune to the dangers of a free press. In the past year, journalists have been harassed and threatened by the Trump administration, and several news organizations have been targeted with threats of legal action. The threats to press freedom are real and growing. As journalists around the world continue to face violence, harassment, and censorship, it is more important than ever to stand up for press freedom and protect the rights of journalists everywhere.
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