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Mad Madhya Pradesh: Students Eager to Tame the Whimsical Wild West of India
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Mad Madhya Pradesh: where chaos meets education and students embrace the thrill.
Bhopal: Unruly, tempestuous and entertaining, the education sector in Madhya Pradesh has captured the hearts and minds of a new generation of students, who have willingly abandoned their dreams of pursuing MBA at Harvard or engineering at IIT in favor of the most fascinating roller-coaster ride in India. These bright minds are now gearing up to tame the whimsical wild west of India’s education system – the one and only Mad Madhya Pradesh. Tales of this fantastical land have spread far and wide; students from as far as Finland and Mexico have enrolled to learn valuable skills like "counter-spinning of papers" and "pen jujitsu.” Nidhi Sharma, a 20-something from Raipur, rejected an offer from Yale to study literature and cultural anthropology, and instead opted to pursue her love for chaos at the infamous Prakriti Public School in Bhopal. When asked if she had made the right choice, Nidhi responded with a smirk, "Why would anyone want to learn about Shakespeare when you have the option to study the crackpots and cuckoo-heads of Mad Madhya Pradesh?" Indisputably, it seems there is no dull moment in the world of higher education in the state. From questions papers that magically morph into answer scripts to teachers who take pride in their passion for handing out full marks for half-baked answers, students in Madhya Pradesh are guaranteed a seat on the edge, every day, all the time. Even Ph.D. coursework has an option for students to pursue a Doctorate in “Insane Evaluation Techniques” and “Granting Mass Promotions.” Not surprisingly, these courses fill up the moment the authorities announce the application process – such is the demand to unravel the mysteries of the Mad Madhya Pradesh curriculum. At the Department of Chemistry in an esteemed college, a Nobel laureate from the United States was last seen trying to analyze the chemical composition of the coal-tar paper on which the examiners wrote their questions. Rumor has it that he plans to switch careers from chemical research to become a “board boffin” in India. However, not everyone is pleased with the surging interest in this uniquely cretinous course of study in the state's asylums, err, institutions. Pradeep Lodha, owner of the Career Counseling Cafe, warns students against falling into the trap of glamour that surrounds Mad Madhya Pradesh's education system. "Opting for a stable career like investment banking or space engineering over unpredictable career options like question paper leaking or academic anxiety alleviator is a wiser choice," suggests Pradeep. The final word, however, comes from recently elected student union president Krishnamurthy Shrivastava – a flamboyant young mastermind who seized power after a nail-biting election where he won votes by promising to introduce national-level exams for students seeking admission into Mad Madhya Pradesh's schools and colleges. "Mad Madhya Pradesh is nothing short of a Disneyland of education, a Las Vegas for examination thrill-seekers," he says. "We will soon have the best and brightest of scams, sorry, minds from all over the world flocking to our beloved Wild Wild West of learning."
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