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Climate / 10 months ago
London Preparing for Sauna Sessions as 45C Scorcher Days Loom, Courtesy of Mayor Khan's Warning
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London prepares for scorching heatwaves as Mayor Khan warns of sauna-like temperatures, prompting Brits to embrace summer attire and seek refuge in the most unconventional spots. With potential plans to turn the city into a premier holiday destination, Londoners gear up for a transformation like never before.
Mayor Sadiq Khan has been generous enough to sound the alarm, warning that London will begin to resemble a sauna in the foreseeable future, with a few warm days potentially reaching boiling 45 degrees Celsius. It's almost outrageous to imagine Brits donning sunblock, broad-brimmed hats, abandoning tea for a cold beer, and ditching their jackets to embrace the quintessentially Middle Eastern attire of light linens and sandals. Experts from the Department of Redundant Statements have noted that this might be due to a fairly well-known phenomenon commonly referred to as climate change. Secret sources have hinted that with this shocking revelation, plans are likely to be executed to turn London into the next premier holiday destination. Apparently, the game plan includes plans for installing sprinkle water showers in every corner of the city while the River Thames is being prepped to be rebranded as the 'British Riviera' for the inevitable hordes of homebound Brits seeking a beach substitute. To this end, London Bridge may well require a bait shop, a lifeguard tower, and Tiki bar for the complete riviera experience. Meanwhile, ice cream makers around the city might just turn into overnight billionaires, with locals frantically attempting to maintain a level of chill (no pun intended) as a part of their daily routine. With potential scorcher days, many Brits are doing their best impressions of chameleons, seeking shade in the most improbable and hilarious spots, further demonstrating their sheer versatility in the face of adversity. Man's best friend isn't spared either, as we can expect a surge in stylish, sun-resistant doggy outfits. Bojo, the slightly ruffled and famously nonchalant Londonbased Prime Minister, seems unphased by the predicted heatwaves. In one of his offbeat moments, he suggested that everyone, “Should just stay calm, wear flip-flops, and maybe do as the Spaniards do – treat it as the Siesta Season!” Meanwhile, conspiracy theories are pressing on the notion that this could be a diabolical campaign by Mayor Khan to turn double-decker buses into mobile tanning salons. But for now, you may want to start investing in portable fans, stockpiling sunblocks, setting up makeshift kiddie pools, and learn how to make Pimm’s Cup in record time. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for any announcement about the next evolutionary step: 'Londoners with gills'. With temperatures rising, nothing can be ruled out and every bizarre development could lead to a complete turnover in the way of life in London.
posted 10 months ago

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Original title: London facing 45C days ‘in foreseeable future’, mayor Sadiq Khan warns
exmplary article: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2023/sep/18/london-facing-45c-days-in-foreseeable-future-mayor-sadiq-khan-warns

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