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World / 5 months ago
Highflying Airway Host Sweeps Reid off His Feet in Vegas, Proving What Happens in Vegas Doesn't Always Stay in Vegas!
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Love takes flight in Vegas as a chance encounter with an enchanting airway host sweeps a humble office-worker off his feet, proving that what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas!
When Colin Reid, a humble office-worker from Nebraska flew to Las Vegas to enjoy a lavish holiday weekend, he did anticipate a slight turbulence during his flight. What he did not expect was to leave the Sin City with a second love interest - all thanks to highflying Airway host, Jack Daniels. As Reid boarded Airway flight 007 from Omaha to Vegas, an encounter with Daniels, 28, who holds double distinction of being an air host and the subject of numerous flight-attendees' fond memories, set the course of Reid's trip on a path no Vegas brochure ever advertised. Reid, not unlike many of us, was hoping to indulge in Vegas's renowned culture - spare of thought, change of fortune and a cornucopia of mistakes to later deny. However, Daniels, who can captivate audiences at 35,000 feet, swept Reid off his feet with a compelling in-flight demonstration and a dazzling smile brighter than the strip itself. Reid admitted, "I mean, the way he demonstrated those safety procedures, I've never felt so secure in my life. His charisma was through the roof- or should I say cabin?" Reid's newly formed infatuation doesn't simply rest on Daniels' swagger alone. It was when Jack conjured a napkin rose and served a Mean Bean Espresso Martini with a finger-heart that Colin felt the gravity of his emotions. "There's just something about a man who can handle mini liquor bottles and dry-roasted peanuts with such finesse," Reid confessed. "I was in awe. Not even the Bellagio Fountains could rinse the image of his smirking face from my heart.” From then on, the flight was more like a swirl through cloud nine for Reid, who was left yearning for an "in-flight" moment with Daniels for the rest of the 3-hour journey. He confessed, "I was so smitten, I joined the mile-high club…of Jack’s fan club, I mean.” On landing in Vegas though, sobering city lights reminded Reid about his misadventure - falling for an air host. But, as they say, what happens in Vegas, doesn't always stay in Vegas! And Reid may be the living embodiment of this adage. Upon reaching home, Reid found himself holding onto Daniels' napkin-made rose as a bitter-sweet souvenir from the trip. When asked about future plans, a giggly Reid shared, “Well, nothing’s certain – The Memories of Jack Daniels could just be a one-time read. But I am considering moving up my next vacation, flying Airway of course. Just hoping to have another safety check with Jack, if you know what I mean.” While the city of Las Vegas might have a reputation for concealing secrets, Colin Reid and his highflying love story with Airway host Jack Daniels is one tale that has found its way out of the Vegas borders, reminding us all that 'The House' doesn't always win!
posted 5 months ago

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