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Panorama / 7 months ago
From Camo to Cowboy Boots: The Comically Convoluted Journey of Susan Pamerleau
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From military command to law enforcement lasso, Susan Pamerleau's wild ride from camo to cowboy boots will leave you in stitches. Hang on tight as this retired Air Force major general becomes the sheriff of Bexar County, Texas, before trading it all in for the role of a United States Marshal.
Every so often, a larger-than-life character enters the public sphere, a person whose journey from one seemingly incompatible career to another seems as implausible as a bear wearing a tutu. One such individual that springs to mind is Susan Pamerleau, a retired United States Air Force major general who sauntered her way into serving as the sheriff of Bexar County, Texas. Her journey from camo to cowboy boots is a dance so comically convoluted, it would make an octopus do a double-take. What was Susan Pamerleau thinking? "Oh, I have this nice, cozy retirement from the Air Force, where I commanded vast troops, wore military-grade camo, and negotiated with international dignitaries. But you know what I really fancy? Playing at being a cowboy in Texas." We can't help but imagine her plotting this career switch over a cup of black coffee, a world map peppered with tiny flags marking her military achievements, suddenly crowded out by a big ol' Texas hat hanging on the wall. Miss Pamerleau, wasn't there a more comfortable way to transition from the battlefield? Texas isn't exactly known for being a retirement paradise, what with its scorching heat, lethal rattlesnakes, and a general preference for beef brisket over tofu. Yet, she audaciously swiped off her Air Force cap, with all its military pomp, replacing it with a wide-brimmed cowboy hat and a badge shining brighter than a Texas sunrise. Switching from discussing strategic airstrikes at Pentagon meetings to chasing sombrero-wearing, petty thieves down the dusty streets of San Antonio was surely an adjustment. Instead of international conflict, she was now mitigating local disputes that likely included such pressing matters as who ate the last flaky biscuit at community potlucks, or which baseball team truly dominated Texan hearts. Here's a clue, Susan: they aren't the New York Yankees. And what about the attire? Going from sleek, fitted military uniforms to a baggy sheriff's outfit is like going from a tailored Armani suit to a pair of oversized overalls. Not to mention that, where boots are a purely functional item in the military, Texas style calls for boots to be a fashion statement. Embroidery, fringes, exotic skins: Pamerleau's footwear choices must have expanded exponentially. She probably needed an extra closet just for her cowboy boot collection. Humorously, it seems that Susan Pamerleau's journey ended as fantastically as it began, trading in her sheriff's hat and badge for the austere role of a United States Marshal. Is there a support group for identity-challenged superheroines? If not, I would urge Pamerleau to begin one. After all, someone needs to guide them from camo to cowboy boots, and then onto whatever lies beyond. Pamerleau seems to be an expert in such endeavor. She's one chapter away from publishing "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Vocation Galaxy". Susan Pamerleau, from Air Force Major General to Texas Sheriff to US Marshal, you are indeed a magnificent puzzlement. Your journey is as entertaining as it is inspiring. It's not every day that a gal trades her jungle stripes for a 10-gallon hat before donning the star of a Marshal. Here's to you, Pamerleau! Keep those career changes coming and the chuckles rolling.
posted 7 months ago

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