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Technology / 8 months ago
Elon Musk Plans to Scratch the Sky With a Massive Rocket, Leaving Statue of Liberty Feeling Short and Inadequate!
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Elon Musk's new mega-rocket leaves the Statue of Liberty feeling inadequate and landmarks around the world with a case of height-envy!
In a move that has made the Statue of Liberty blush with embarrassment, Elon Musk, space enthusiast and part-time supervillain, has once again unfurled his plans of scratching the skyline with a skyscraper of a rocket, one that's likely to leave all earthly monuments red-faced. Scouring a new height in the field of physics-defying innovation, Musk's SpaceX, the trendsetter in the planetary tourism industry, is developing a monster rocket affectionately named the "Starship". The Starship, when married to it's equally gnarly partner, the Super Heavy booster, forms the world's most Grandiosa rocket system - a celestial beast, looming almost 90 feet taller than Ms. Liberty herself - making her feel distinctly inadequate and potentially sparking an inter-spatial height related inferiority complex. Moreover, Musk’s foot-tapping beats of the space opera do not just stop at mere size. The Super Heavy brings a hefty punch with a grand total of 33 thunderous engines under its crater-creating belt, making it officially the most engine-packed party of rocket boosters ever to ignite. "We have always been trendsetters," said Musk, unironically, while stroking Schrodinger’s cat, "Why stop now? It's about time the rockets stepped up their game. I mean, look at our Super Heavy. It's got more power boosters than my entire electric car division." Even as the rest of humanity anxiously awaits an alien invasion, Musk, displaying an inspiring spirit of other-worldly neighbourly love, remains undaunted in his space courting plans. Attempts to reach the Statue of Liberty for comments have been met with stony silence. Meanwhile, the Leaning Tower of Pisa has reportedly started an aggressive physical training regime to gain a few extra inches in its monumental height. The Great Sphinx of Giza is said to be too busy dealing with a severe bout of depression over its lack of verticality. So, folks, tighten your space seatbelts because Elon Musk is about to drop not just the most colossal rocket ever but also a severe case of height-envy in our beloved landmarks.
posted 8 months ago

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