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World / 8 months ago
Drones Play Deadly 'Hide and Seek' in The Gaza Strip's Skies!
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Drones take warfare to new heights in a deadly game of hide and seek over the Gaza Strip.
In a truly mesmerizing and somewhat morbid episode of the popular children's game 'Hide and Seek,' drones have taken to the skies over the Gaza Strip to stage a modern, explosive version of the game. In a bid to target precision bombing and aerial surveillance in the conflict-ridden region, Israel and presumably Hamas too, have decided to use drones instead of traditional 'Brick-and-mortar' warfare. Truly, a great advancement in armed conflict technology; human society ought to pat itself on the back for this one. “The increasing use of drones has made the air space over Gaza into one big, live-action game of hide and seek," explained Major General Heinz 'Buzzkill' Schwartz, a renowned military analyst. He further expounded that, "the game begins when a drone is launched, and the opponents attempt to identify and neutralize the drone before it completes its mission. It's basically like playing a video game, but with real consequences like, you know, death and stuff. Despite the very real, immediate, and dire consequences of this deadly game, the participants are not deterred. One may even argue they seem to enjoy it, based on the frenetic pace of the drone launches. As Schwartz, mysteriously grinning, remarked: “It's the most bizarre game of cat and mouse you'll ever see.” It seems that not even the boundary of the lethal, physical warfare is too sacred to not be breached by the hilarious onslaught of technological advancement. Is the war just a sick joke too? We thought they'd stick to first-person shooter games for that. Indeed, the game has also captured the interest of the mainstream media and audiences worldwide, who seem to be morbidly fascinated by the real-life, violent variant of Battleships being played over the Gaza Strip. No one is laughing, but everyone is watching, making grim predictions about 'who will launch the next drone.' The entire scenario just gives a whole new meaning to 'markets taking off'. Or not, because sadly, it's mostly buildings taking off... into microscopic debris. We are forcibly reminded of those childhood days, running around the yard, gleefully playing our own games of hide and seek. Who knew the strategies and skills learnt in those innocent times would become so transferable to modern warfare. Next on agenda - lethal thumb wars with nano-bots replacing the thumbs, maybe? Extreme rock-paper-scissors face-offs with actual rocks and scissors? Only time will tell. Our heart goes out to the Gaza Strip inhabitants, who, apart from dealing with burdening socio-economic issues, now have to look up every few minutes to see if they are about to get 'IT' in a nasty game of drone tag. The esteemed Major General Schwartz bids everyone a terrifying game with his soon-to-be-famous line, "Ready or not, here drones come!" Move over, horror movie catchphrases, the real thriller of the 21st century has arrived.
posted 8 months ago

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