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Climate / 6 months ago
Climate Change Throws Dry Pool Party in Amazon, No Trees Invited: Study Reveals
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In an ironic turn of events, climate change decided to host a wild party in the Amazon rainforest – smack dab in the middle of what used to be lush foliage. The invite was clear: absolutely no trees allowed. The buoyant river waters of the Amazon, which once played an integral role in the carbon cycle and supported the world’s largest tropical rainworm, have decided that they've had enough of sustaining life, studies reveal. The Amazon, usually touted as the lungs of the planet, is apparently asthmatic now, and scientists, in their comically understated way, call it a cause for concern. "Realistically, we shouldn't be losing sleep over the fact that the Earth's major oxygen supplier is going out of business," said Dr. Harry Oxenfree, a leading climate scientist, sporting a pair of fish-scale boots, as he surveyed the damage. "But yeah, we're slightly perturbed." In what is clearly an act of rebellion, the river has substituted its banks with barren stretches of sand. The sight is a bright outward manifestation of climate change's dark sense of humor. Animal species ranging from dolphins to otters have found themselves nominated for unwanted beach holidays. Dr. Oxenfree continued, "You see, every summer, the region's rivers transform a little, with some parts drying up. But climate change, the ultimate scene-stealer, couldn't just let rivers do their thing. It had to come along and turn this up to eleven." In a series of grisly photos, tired otters could be seen attempting a round of beach volleyball while confused pink dolphins practiced their sunbathing skills. "I didn't even know we had beaches in the rainforest," commented a perplexed sea otter on Instagram. The treeless expanse also resulted in forest species booking the first Uber into the city, in an attempt to diversify their ecosystem. Scientists foresee this radical migration as having whole hosts of impacts - ranging from creating new interspecies rivalries to spawning unusual concrete jungle alliances. Climate change’s rampaging party didn't stop at reshaping river banks. Amazon's typically humid climate is facing an identity crisis, turning temperately dry instead. It's the ultimate mean-girl move. Healthy rainforest trees, that once bragged about their superior carbon dioxide absorption abilities, have been given the cold shoulder. A consortium of trees released a statement quoting, "Climate change doesn't just break up communities, it forcefully disbands them. It's turning us trees into non-essential elements of the ecosystem and we will not stand for this." In an unprecedented act of protest, representatives of the Amazon's floral community are considering launching a line of oxygen bottles, to remind the world of their worth and making human race feel guilty. "We knew climate change was ruthless, but we didn't know it was a party pooper too," said a spokesperson for Mother Nature, looking utterly distressed. She was last spotted looking up how to throw an "uninvite" party for climate change from the Earth.
posted 6 months ago

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Original title: Devastating drought in Amazon result of climate crisis, study shows
exmplary article: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2024/jan/24/devastating-drought-in-amazon-result-of-climate-crisis-study-shows

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