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Sports / 8 months ago
Calabria Booted Back into Italy Squad, Immobile Ironically Left Sidelined
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Italian coach boots Calabria back into national team while Immobile stays sidelined, leaving fans puzzled and amused at Spalletti's unconventional selections.
In a turn of events that has left spectators in a mix of despair and snarky amusement, Italian national team coach, Luciano Spalletti, has made it manifestly clear that he prefers his players to be, um, mobile. With a move that either speaks volumes about his creativity or lack thereof, Spalletti has masterfully booted defender Davide Calabria back into the Italy squad. This news shocked the nation, especially considering Calabria's absence from the national team since June 2022. After a series of head-turning performances for AC Milan, Spalletti looked Calabria square in the pocket and said, "why not?" However, the real kicker that has left both analysts and fans alike scratching their heads is the stark lack of Ciro Immobile in the announced 29-player squad. It seems Spalletti has taken the Lazio captain's name a bit too literally and deemed him "immobile" for his team. The news comes as a result of the striker's struggle with a hamstring issue early this season. While the guy was still scoring more regularly than Spalletti changes his morning routine, this seemingly minor hiccup caused the coach to consider him unfit for his team. Indeed, the world of sports is often rife with inexplicable choices, splitting opinions and redefining right and wrong. Spalletti's latest move - which many would inevitably call "wrong" - is a chilling reminder that on any given day, a shining star could be relegated to the dugout. Because, clearly, performance isn't the measuring stick it used to be - and maybe it never was. With Italy's final two European Championship qualifiers against North Macedonia and Ukraine coming up, the team will need to rely on its defenders to keep the ball out of their own net. The jury is still out on whether the decision to add Calabria back to the mix and sideline Immobile is genius or pure folly. Calabria's return to the Italy squad is indeed a twist of fate, one that sees him stepping into the spotlight once more. Meanwhile, our poor, sidelined Immobile has to figure out how to become mobile again. Irreverently funny or downright cruel? We 're not sure, but Luciano Spalletti's game of footballing musical chairs continues as Italy prepares for their upcoming matches. Buckle up, ladies and gentlemen - this surely promises to be an interesting ride.
posted 8 months ago

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