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Climate / 3 months ago
Britannia's Ghostly Exhaust Fumes: A Royal Pain for Climate Responsibility
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The Royal Yacht Britannia: A Symbol of Climate Irresponsibility on the High Seas
SOMEWHERE OVER THE ATLANTIC - As the giant Royal Yacht Britannia sails along its merry course, leaving a trail of ghostly white exhaust fumes in her wake, it is almost hypnotic - a haunting symphony of man's triumph over nature and regal disregard for the more trivial matters of life, such as climate responsibility. Is it not a stark reminder of how committed our Royals are to the cause of environmental preservation, as they set out into the vast blue seas aiming to circumnavigate the globe, leaving a chunky carbon footprint behind? The grand yacht, aptly being named 'floating palace', is testimony to human ingenuity; the marvel of how we have tinkered with the elements of nature to craft a majestic vessel, capable of belching out tonnes of an invisible, harmless-ish gas called CO2. But aren’t we getting too technical now? After all, when one is living the royal dream, trivial matters like science shouldn't really be a bother. Our beloved Royals, ever so conscious of their public image, demonstrate unwavering faith in royal traditions of pomp and extravagance. Why bustle about in modest electric cars and yachts, when they can cruise in a floating palace powered by good old diesel engines? Just as Marie Antoinette said, "Let them eat cake", our Royals seem to be following suit with a 21st-century twist; ‘Let them breathe fumes’. Around 5ish miles away from the coast, one can see the ghostly tendrils of exhaust fumes rising, curling, and leaders of environmental movements having spontaneous combustion. Greenpeace, along with other activist groups, have been admirably persistent in their efforts to hang a metaphorical green albatross around the Royals’ neck. Despite their high-pitched clamor, our dear Royals remain unfazed. After all, when Mother Nature herself gifts you with a concrete layer of smog to blot out the burdensome sight of plebeians huffing and puffing about climate change, wouldn’t one feel encouraged to carry on? Meanwhile, Prince Vegan (name changed to protect our oblivious prince), known for his robust stance against animal cruelty and love for all things 'green', while dining on farmed salmon and flying back and forth on private jets for his polo matches, finds the whole ruckus over the Britannia quite amusing. In a brief word with our correspondent, he shrugged his princely shoulders and said, “One small yacht for the Royals is one giant leap back for mankind, is it? Rather quaint, really …” So, the next time you have a bout of climate anxiety, just remember the shimmering beauty of the Royal Yacht Britannia slicing through the mighty Atlantic, indifferent to the meek cries for climate responsibility. After all, as they say, to make an omelette, you got to break a few eggs, or in this case, to maintain a majestic lifestyle, you've got to burn some oil. In this royal saga against the backdrop of the unsightly carbon emissions, one can't help but question - Are we truly left with only two paths? Either to sail in ignorance or drown in the irony? Let us keep pondering as the Britannia ferries us all to an ominously warmer future.
posted 3 months ago

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Original title: British empire’s past emissions ‘double UK’s climate responsibility’
exmplary article: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/nov/26/british-empire-past-emissions-double-uk-climate-responsibility-data-shows

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