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Climate / 4 months ago
Brace Yourselves, Brits: The Arctic Apparently Moved In Next Door & It's Not Leaving Soon!
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The Arctic has decided to make itself at home in the UK, posing a new challenge for Brexit-weary Brits. As the climate changes, winter sports may become the new norm and Santa Claus may just become a permanent resident.
LONDON- As if navigating through Brexit wasn't enough, the United Kingdom must now face another unforeseen challenge: the Arctic has decided to swap its icy landscape with the British Isles. Our love for queueing may not be sufficient preparation for this manifestation of climate change, which is threatening to turn Arthur's seat into an iceberg and Loch Ness into a winter sports destination. This rather uninvited guest has discreetly been moving in next door, not unlike an annoying in-law. The signs were there. Soaring energy bills, skyrocketing scarf sales, and a sudden spike in Google searches for the term 'permafrost'. But, ever the polite hosts, Britons collectively decided to ignore the subtle hints until the evidence was incontrovertible: Santa Claus was spotted house-shopping in Knightsbridge. “Honestly, I thought it was just a brief, eccentric hotel guest. But then… no, it’s been here for months, it’s probably looking for permanent residence," moaned local postman, Nigel. The Met Office has been studying this phenomenon, with as much confusion as the general public. John Davis, their chief meteorologist, admitted, "We thought we had misplaced our readings, because this is obviously far from usual. One day we are warning people to wear sunscreen, the next day advising they wear parkas and snow boots." In response to the impromptu annexation by the Arctic, the UK government has taken several desperate measures. These include the integration of Polar Bear Patrol units into local police forces, the retraining of lifeguards for seal control, and an emergency fund to convert London’s iconic black cabs into snowmobiles. The great British 'stiff upper lip' is being thoroughly tested as the populace is encouraged to replace Pimm's with mulled wine, summer BBQs with hotpot suppers and football with dog sledding. Norwegian philosopher, Bjorn Christoffersen, tried to inject some positivity into the bleak scenario, "Look on the bright side, Brits. You can now claim to have glaciers in your backyard. Not many countries can say that!" Despite this icy intrusion, Brits are sticking with their 'keep calm and carry on' spirit. Neighbourhood community organisers are already planning snowman-building contests and sled racing tournaments. Local pubs have reported a skyrocketing increase in sales of hot toddies and mulled wine. Meanwhile, in the Arctic, polar bears are reportedly basking in the unusual warmth, rolling about in English roses and sipping Earl Grey tea. Global warming is delivering unexpected holiday packages, it seems. God save the Queen... and the Arctic, one would add!
posted 4 months ago

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Original title: Why is it so cold in the UK right now – and how long will Arctic chill last?
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