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Politics / a year ago
Newsom Declares Emergency as Hurricane Hilary Tries to Steal California's Sunshine; Residents Leave in Protest!
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California's Governor Declares State of Emergency as Hurricane Hilary Threatens to Ruin the Sunshine State's Perfect Weather. Residents Protesting with Mass Exodus and Praying for Clear Skies.
In a shocking, and in classic Californian style, weather "disruption", California's Governor, Gavin Newsom has declared a state of emergency because, apparently, clouds dared to appear in the famous "forever sunny" California sky. The culprit of this outrageous catastrophe is none other than Hurricane Hilary. Hurricane Hilary, relying heavily on meteorological privilege, has announced her unnerving intention to rain all over California's parade. Yes, literal drops of water, from the sky! Chronically warm, dry, and tanned Californians have been left in state of shock and disbelief. First the pandemic, then the wildfires, now this! What sin did we Californians commit to be subjected to such a relentless barrage of moisture from the heavens? "There she blows!" cried Governor Gavin Newsom, dramatically, from his Sacramento fortress or Governor's Mansion, if you will. With a furrowed brow and a concerned grimace so convincing, it could win an Academy Award, Newsom heroically announced his striking decision to confront the menace head-on with a 'State of Emergency'. Quite fitting, don't you think? After all, fear and panic change weather, right? But it doesn't stop there! An impertinent 'rainbow' was allegedly spotted gracing the grey skies over Malibu, leading many top Californians to whip out their Gucci sunglasses in protest of this audacious display of colours. What's next in this kaleidoscopic horror show, pots of gold? We implore you, Hurricane Hilary. Leave our minimalist, monochromatic aesthetics undisturbed! In other developments, thousands of first responders were set up around the region, offering emotional support, designer raincoats, and of course, gluten-free comfort food. They're preparing for the deluge of residents seeking refuge from this stormy tyranny trying to rob California of its perpetual sunshine. Meanwhile, residents from Catalina Island and areas of San Bernardino County have begun what they're calling a 'Sunxit' - a mass exodus in protest of the audacity of the Hurricane. Drinking their almond milk lattés from the paper cups, speaking in hushed, concerned tones, they boarded their Teslas and drove away from the nightmare, mumbling "This... isn't... Venice!" As Californians hold a collective breath and watch their skies in trepidation, it is hoped that Hilary finds an alternative path - perhaps towards the greener pastures of our neighbor state, Nevada. At the very least, might we suggest the arid plains of Arizona, a state that could surely use a splash more than us. Till then, dear readers, keep your dogs and cats inside, fasten your seatbelts and, most importantly, ready your pool floats. It's going to be a wet wild ride. Remember to stay safe, dry, and only partake in water in its purest form - eighteen-year-old scotch. You are Californians, after all.
posted a year ago

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