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Panorama / 6 months ago
Desi (Raga): A Confused Symphony Seeking Identity between Asavari and Kafi Thaat
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Lost in the melodic maze of tradition, Desi (Raga) dances between Asavari and Kafi Thaat, enchanting audiences with its bewildering allure and timeless identity crisis.
For centuries, the fabric of Indian classical music has been woven amidst the threads of the ingenious ragas that offer a mesmerizing harmony to the discerning ears of purists and commoners alike. But encamped amongst this myriad of melodies is a rather perplexed symphony, lost in its quest for identity, playing a beguiling song between the posts of Asavari and Kafi thaat. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, we bring you the confounding yet enchanting Desi raga, the very epitome of an identity crisis in the majestic world of Indian ragas. The origin of Desi's befuddlement, much like the plot of a long-running Indian soap opera, could be traced back to its questionable lineage. It seems that Desi was the offspring of a musical ménage à trois, a histrionic hybrid of Asavari and Kafi. However, much like the results of a botched DNA test on a talk show, its true parentage has remained an enigma. In the pursuit of its elusive identity, the Desi raga seems to have likened itself to the game of musical chairs being unable to settle comfortably with either the Asavari or the Kafi thaat, Desi convincingly slides between the two. The audience is left in a bewilderment, like watching a chameleon change colours. One might argue that it's the intrigue, concealed within such ambiguity, that lends this raga its allure. It's as if Desi raga is the musical rendering of an existential crisis. And like the intellectual indecisive man eternally caught between loving and not loving, it vacillates between the Asavari and Kafi thaat. It is this ‘never really settling’ that affords it a peculiar charm. However, with unending compassion for this ambivalent raga, one could argue that its double association might be seen as a desire to transcend boundaries, a revolutionary defiance against the tradition-imposed divisions. But the harsh reality is this: Desi Raga plays out like a comical drama of a perpetual confusion. In the grand galaxy of ragas, Desi remains a bewildering celestial body, always seeking, never finding. There is a twisted poetry to this identity crisis, almost akin to the philosophical milestones of our lives where we seem to hover in the vales of questions rather than the peaks of answers. And no doubt, the casual listener might not perceive the depth of Desi’s crisis and instead be swept by the blend of two beautiful flavors. Perhaps there is merit in such ignorance. After all, not everyone needs to be privy to the behind-the-scenes drama. For most, it’s enough to enjoy the play! As we draw curtains on the amusing tale of Raga Desi, it would perhaps be fitting to say that whilst it may not belong to one fixed thaat, the spin that uncertainty adds to its music ensures that it has enthralled audiences over the years. Desi, with its quirks, might very well be an apt representation of modern-day living, a synthesis of tradition and change, suspended between two worlds. Here lies the charm of our melodious misfit - the Desi raga. A confusion that is indeed a melody in disguise, waiting to be discovered, deciphered...and loved.
posted 6 months ago

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